AJK Air Conditioning – The last word in cooling Queensland

At AJK Air Conditioning we believe in getting more for less. As power bills go up it pays to have energy efficient air conditioning installed in your home or business, now more than ever. We are committed to consulting with our clients personally about their cooling, duct work or ventilation needs, providing them with a full comprehensive evaluation and a total and complete service from quote, installation and maintainence to supply them with the right product, every time.

Selling a wide and state-of-the-art range of Bravis, Mitsubishi and Toshiba single split systems, multi split systems, ducted and cassette type systems, we assess the availability and suitability of the product that includes a calculation of ongoing savings through energy efficiency over the life of the unit for both residential and commercial applications. We settle on a capacity that will cool as much surface area as possible for a fraction of the cost. Our service keeps power bills down on average $100-$150 per month per every 150m²!

Dedicated air conditioning unit service division

At AJK Air Conditioning we have a dedicated service division and sheet metal workers that can prepare your business or home for the installation of your next air conditioning unit. Our service division can facilitate the repair or ongoing general maintenance of your existing air conditioning unit to ensure peak efficiency or prepare your existing unit for upgrade.

Not just air conditioning – ventilation, water coolers and more!

AJK aren’t just about air conditioners – we also supply and install roof ventilation, carry out roof duct work, water coolers and solar hot water systems for residential and commercial buildings. Our qualified sheet metal tradesmen ensure the highest quality installations of air conditioning units, roof duct work, water coolers, filters and bubblers as well as roof top ventilators or room exhaust fans.

Trust in our experience and endurance

We’ve been in the air conditioning supply, installation, upgrade and repair business for over 30 years in the Mackay area. Our expertise and unique perspective and commitment to energy efficiency over the long term helps keeps your initial and overall costs down. We match stock to spare parts and tailor a complete air conditioning solution that is unique and suited to you.