Air Conditioning

AJK specialises in installation of home and commercial ducted systems ranging from split systems, cassette systems, room air conditioners and evaporative cooling systems.

The options are endless – we can fit ducts within your living area or to the entire home using our unique designs. You have a wide range of combinations for a variety of areas that can be cooled (or heated) within the home. Our commitment to energy efficiency means lower power bills for you! We settle on a capacity to air condition all areas of the home using our unique, simple and foolproof “zone system” that can cool 50-60% of a building all the while limiting running costs and increasing cost effectiveness.

We stock units and spare parts as well as servicer:

  • Toshiba Inverter System – single-phase up to 13.2kw
  • Toshiba Super Multi Modular Inverter System – 3-phase up to 34kw single or multiples for home and commercial installations.